Spanish courses

Improve your language skills!

Learn the 2nd most spoken language

We collaborate with one of the best Spanish schools in the city of Valencia. They offer different levels and a wide range of activities in the city and other towns in order to pick up the language in real situations. Let us find the most suitable for you!

  • High qualified teachers
  • 20 hours per week
  • From 3 to 10 students
  • Material incuded
  • Start on Monday if you have basic level
speakers in the world

If you don’t have an acceptable Spanish level (B2) or you want to improve it, we recommend a 3 weeks intensive course. You should take these lessons three weeks before your internship starts because of two important reasons:

1. They are intensive, so they will require a high assistance rate.
2. In order to profit as much as possible from your internship, if you have the language fresh in mind you will be able to perform better your task and make the most of your stay.

Please, let us know how many weeks you would like to study Spanish and we will handle all the process without any extra cost.
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